If you struggle to tell stories, you'll struggle to raise funds. 

The problem is, not all of us with a vision know which strategic stories to tell, or how to tell them. I'm guessing you didn't set out to be a professional fundraiser or a content creator, but–here we are.

Fundraising isn't just about asking for money, and raising funds for your mission doesn't have to feel "icky". It's really about relationships, sharing stories with friends, and being clear about what it takes to accomplish great things together.

It doesn't have to be overwhelming.

You can do this! You just need a guide and a step-by-step plan.

Instead of

  • staring at a blank page
  • guessing at what to say to supporters
  • second-guessing your calling when funds don't come in

With a couple of short lessons each week, you'll be able to share with donors without the overwhelm.

  • Learn the exact stories that every ministry, missionary, and nonprofit needs to tell.
  • Master the fundraising story calendar.
  • Develop and practice essential storytelling skills to increase funding for your mission.
  • Build your story library and your confidence.
  • Know when and how to share your stories.

My goal is to make this easy for you.

You'll actually create the content you need while learning, so you're not watching videos and then trying to "get around to it" later.

You get immediate access to the whole course. If you do them in order, the later sessions will go smoother, because you'll already have things you need. But feel free to skip around to whatever you need.

Here's what you get:

  • Your storytelling roadmap
  • Video lessons
  • A workbook to keep your ideas in one place
  • Templates & examples
  • Lifetime access


  • Bonus: Quick Start Plan
    Quick wins for those new to raising support.
  • Module 1: Essential Stories
    Four essential stories every missionary, ministry, or nonprofit needs to tell
  • Module 2: Sharing Your Stories
    Newsletters, emails, social media, and more
  • Module 3: Donor Appreciation
    Thank-you messages & donor appreciation strategy
  • Module 4: Right Story, Right People
    Send the right message to the right people at the right time
  • Module 5: Evergreens
    Key assets you need to introduce and welcome people to your cause
  • Module 6: Never Lose a Story
    Systems and tools so you don’t get stuck
  • Module 7: End-of-Year Fundraising
    Year-end appeals and storytelling strategy
Instructor Photo - Kay Helm

Your Instructor: Kay Helm

Hi there! I’m Kay, creator of Mission Writers. I’m a professional writer and editor, serving in missions since 2005. People hire me to help them write books, articles, and marketing materials. As rewarding as all that is, nothing brings me joy like seeing someone with a vision and a calling discover how to get their message across.

Two things have always frustrated me: to have great work stall out from a lack of funds, and to see ministry workers burn out trying to do everything on a shoestring. Mission Writers was born from a desire to help missionaries and small nonprofits develop the skills to tell compelling stories. It's the skill that makes a real difference when you're trying to raise funds. 

Join me in Mission Writers, and let’s get your mission funded!

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