Mission Writers

Plan and build a story collection to get your mission funded.

Storytelling is vital for anyone with a big vision. Before you ever ask for support, you need stories to illustrate what you do. Stories to cast the vision for the world you want to see. Stories to share what our great God is doing, and what He still wants to do…

The problem is, not all of us with a vision knows which strategic stories to tell or how to tell them. It gets overwhelming...fast.

That’s where Mission Writers comes in.

Do you see a person skilled in his work? He will stand before kings; He will not stand before obscure people. (Proverbs 22:29)

I believe God is preparing His people for a move, and we need to sharpen our storytelling skills.

Storytelling for nonprofits, ministry, and especially for missions, requires certain skills. Add in fundraising appeals and other specialized writing, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed.

As Mission Writers, you'll build a story library for your mission, and develop the systems and networks to do this important Kingdom work without the overwhelm.

What is Mission Writers?

Mission Writers is a one-year cohort-based experience where you'll develop and practice essential storytelling skills to help increase funding for your mission.

  • Learn the exact stories that every ministry, missionary, and nonprofit needs to tell.
  • Develop your storytelling and direct response copywriting skills.
  • Learn the fundraising story calendar.
  • Get personal review and feedback on your writing.
  • Build your story library
  • Know when and how to share your stories.

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    Your Instructor

    Kay Helm
    Kay Helm

    Storytelling is essential for fundraising, but effective storytelling is sometimes a struggle. My passion is to help missionaries and ministry/nonprofit leaders recognize and share stories from the field without being overwhelmed by the process of collecting, creating, and sharing content. I've been in the nonprofit world since 2006, raised my own support, and helped others fund their missions. You'll benefit from my years of writing experience, which includes ghostwriting, copywriting, and fundraising copy.